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Echoes uses the latest technology built into smartphones - GPS, satellite location sensing, a compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer - to determine your location and orientation. It then triggers content as you move around.

You hear sounds, see images, read text depending on your location, so as you walk about you will create your own adventure depending on the route you take. The sounds, images, and video you experience could be informative, evoke the hidden past of the environment, tell a story, or conjure up a different space and time.

Our Creator is a web app designed specifically for geolocated content management (GeoCMS). Use it to upload content, specify zones (Echoes), organise them in collections and then publish the content for use in our mobile apps. Ready to create? Join our community here.

We are proudly supported by the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi's Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) and all the amazing supporters that contributed to our IndieGoGo campaign.


With the Echoes app you can listen to interactive content wherever you are