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Delight your audience with immersive AR audio experiences: use our free platform to create soundwalks, audiowalks, guided tours, and musical experiences or commission us to build a custom app for you.

Learn about our GPS triggering, stereo, binaural, 3D audio, and ambisonic capabilities as well as beat syncing, branching narrative tools, IoT triggering (coming soon), and more…

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Digital tools for our community of makers, storytellers and explorers working with locative audio (sound triggered by a listener's physical movement)

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Echoes Labs

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We are geolocated audio specialists working with organisations, businesses and individuals to create whitelabel apps, custom apps, specialist content and more

museums │ galleries │ festivals │ sport events │ campuses │ parks │ smart cities │ restaurants │ artists │ conferences │ outdoors events and much more


‘Awesome... a whole new dimension in tour creation!’

David Owens │ Google Play


What is geolocated sound?

A sound (or multiple sounds) contained within shapes on the map, which create geofenced areas. These will trigger content when listeners physically walk inside, by using GPS to determine their location or their proximity using iBeacon technology.

Layer sounds in subtle or rich ways, guide your audience, surprise and entertain — a completely different way to experience our physical environment, a threshold where magic happens ✨.

Spatial audio

Bring your sonic journeys alive with immersive surround sound audio over headphones, no specialist technology required.

Hear sound objects around you, walk up and approach them and they stay still as you move you around.

Listen to incredible 360º audio that sounds like you're really there with  ambisonic recordings.

Start creating with our spatial audio tools now.


Some of our projects

Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site
bespoke mobile app
TrailOff—captivating stories as you walk
bespoke mobile app
Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK—illuminating the natural environment with music
bespoke mobile app
Ghost Walk
bespoke mobile app
Score For Here
bespoke mobile app
Planted Symphony—Accessible Audio Trails
bespoke mobile app
Wade in the water—Breaking the climate change inertia
bespoke mobile app
Sansâga—Located storytelling for windswept places
bespoke mobile app
The Royal Parks—Music for Trees
bespoke mobile app
Lewes castle and museum—Accessibility first
bespoke mobile app
Aurality—Exploring Queensland through music, sound and acoustic ecology
whitelabel app

What can you make?

City guides

Memorable interactive city audio guides quickly and easily – keep your phone in your pocket and focus on what is around you

Museum & gallery audio guide

Bring on the future: audio augmented reality that builds on existing physical environment and doesn’t suck the audience into their screens

Sound art experiences

Use GPS-triggered audio to create a seamless sonic experience intimately linked to a place (binaural sound and 3d audio coming soon)

Locative storytelling & podcasts

Bring your stories to life, keep walking to unfold the narrative

Festivals, races, conferences & other events companions

Surprise and engage your visitors. Get people talking.

Foodie tours

Moveable feasts! Reveal new and undiscovered culinary treats as you traipse the hidden back streets.

National park guides

Authoritative, informative contextual guides that complement existing written materials and guided tours. No internet needed, perfect for remote locations!

Smart cities integrations

Talk to us about how to get creative with the big data flowing through your urban environment

Treasure hunts, scary tours & geolocated games

Create a truly interactive adventure trail! Great for marketing, campaigns or fun private events


The possibilities are endless. Unsure?

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‘Echoes has given us a platform to reach audiences around the world. Josh and the Echoes team have been there with us every step of the way, from brainstorming through realizing our project and bespoke app.

We simply could not have done it without them.’

James Lemkin | founder Eclipse Projects | producer Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK


‘Echoes are brilliant! They have created a really cool app for us and we hope to build on it in future years. It gives us a chance to interact with our audiences in a new way. We are really excited!’

Melody Bridges │ Artistic Director, Writer/Director │ Worthing WOW Festival, UK


‘In 1 year, the new Lewes Castle app has gone from rags to riches, excellent job by ECHOES and Joseph Young!’

Gavin Griffiths │ Audio & Accessibility Consultant │ Power Audio Productions, UK 



If you’ve ever wondered what things look like behind the scenes at ECHOES, wonder no more. Read an interview with ECHOES founder Josh Kopeček.

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Sansâga app by Echoes Labs is now live

Sansâga Walks is a growing collection of immersive audio walking experiences for windswept, Nordic landscapes. As an award-winning team of storytellers Sansâga creators are drawn to long-forgotten tales and traces of the invisible hidden away in the land by time.

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