Echoes Creator FAQ

  • What is Echoes?

    Echoes is a platform for creating a publishing locative experiences.

    The Creator is a geoCMS (geolocative content management system) where you can create locative experiences.

    There are some concepts to get your head around before starting with the Creator.

    The fundamental ones are Collections, Echoes, and Elements

  • What are Collections?

    Collections are tours or experiences which contain a number of Echoes. You can set a title, description and cover image for each Collection.

    Once you publish a collection anyone will be able to see and download it in the mobile apps.

    We strongly recommend you write a good description of your creation and set a cover image, as this will greatly increase your exposure.

  • What are Echoes?

    Echoes are zones or stopping points on a tour. Each Echo can contain a number of Elements which have media (usually sound) attached to them, as well as having a title, description and cover image. This content can then be triggered in the mobile app when a user gets inside.

    Echoes can be circles or polygons. Polygons allow more flexibility with triggering, but circles allow you to use spatialization (getting louder towards the centre).

    There are a few options you can set for Echoes

    • Hide player stops the user from manually playing or pausing the sound
    • Hide zone hides the zone from the map, so user’s can’t see it or bring up details
  • What are Elements?

    Elements contain a piece of media. Currently Echoes allows only sounds to be uploaded, and only one per Echo. This might change in the future…
    Elements have different options for setting their behaviour:

    • Play loop – the sound loop while the listener is inside the Echo
    • Play complete – the sound will play to the end, even if the listener leaves the Echo
    • Play once – the sound will only play once, even if the user reenters the Echo
    • Spatialization – only applies to Circle echoes – the sound gets louder towards the centre
  • What are Lines?

    Lines are currently for testing your creations.

    Add a new Line by drawing one on the map using the line tool, making sure it passes through some of your Echoes. Click the pencil icon to edit the line, and pressing the ‘play’ button will start simulation of your walk along the Line.

  • How do I add content?

    Start by creating a Collection in the creator.
    Choose a location on the map or search for a location in the search bar.
    Add an Echo using the plus button (or draw on the map in the more recent versions of the Creator) in the Echoes panel. This will add it to the centre of the map.
    Reposition the Echo to where you would like it.
    Click the ‘edit’ button on the Echo in the list, which will open up a dialog.
    Click the plus button in the bottom right to add an Element. Then you can use the menu bar on the Element to upload a sound.

  • Right, I finished it. How do I publish my Collection?

    If you change the Publish status to ‘Public’ the Collection will be available in the mobile apps for anyone to download.

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