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Surprise and captivate your audience with memorable and truly unique sound experiences

What can make for you


Bespoke apps

✓ Apps working with geolocation tailored to your needs
✓ Custom features specifically for your project
✓ Spatial audio
✓ Beat-syncing for musical applications
✓ Experimental features development
✓ Mobile & web



White-label apps

✓ Our technology with your branding
✓ Only contains your chosen experiences
✓ GPS triggering, iBeacon support, full accessibility and more
✓ Competitive price



✓ World class geolocation expertise
✓ World class sound expertise
✓ Experienced content producers
✓ Multilanguage support

Some of our work

Trusted by great people in great organisations


‘The team’s judgement and good taste produced a beautifully designed and effectively intuitive app... it has been a pleasure to work with the Echoes team and we hope to continue our relationship.’

Matt Steinmann │ Arboriculturist │ The Royal Parks, UK


‘I’m super pumped to have found you!’

John Duckworth │ Filmmaker, Photographer, Painter │, USA 


‘Echoes has strived to meet our technical and aesthetic wishes every step of the way & have delivered a great design for an app that we have high hopes for. Josh & his team are a pleasure to work with!’

Jón Hallur Stefánsson │ Founder │ Sansâga Walks Collective, Denmark 


‘Working with Echoes has given me a new tool to unfold sound, stories and music as part of a geolocative experience, addressed to a new audience, as art in public spaces.’

Hans Sydow │ Composer and sound artist │, Denmark 


‘Echoes are brilliant! They have created a really cool app for us and we hope to build on it in future years. It gives us a chance to interact with our audiences in a new way. We are really excited!’

Melody Bridges │ Director │ Worthing WOW Festival, UK


‘In 1 year, the new Lewes Castle app has gone from rags to riches, excellent job by ECHOES and Joseph Young!’

Gavin Griffiths │ Audio & Accessibility Consultant │ Power Audio Productions, UK 


‘Thanks to Echoes, I was able to convivially and playfully create a soundwalk at the scale of a city... composed of 80 pieces (3hrs of sound) that are to be remixed by walking, randomly and according to the wandering of the listeners in the city

‘...The Echoes platform is a powerful tool that can create unprecedented situations of listening where the real and the virtual interlace, allowing us to offer the listeners a singular and poetic experience in relation to spaces and the question of sound.’

Julien Poidevin │ Mixed media and installation artist │ France


‘Working with Echoes on the Lewes Castle audio guide has been a real pleasure.

‘Their professionalism and attention to detail have contributed immensely to making an ambitious idea into a workable app for blind and partially sighted users.

Joseph Young │ Sound artist │ UK

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