Echoes Labs FAQ

Some key things to know when working with Echoes on a custom app

Whitelabel or custom app?

We offer a spectrum from Whitelabel to Custom:

  • Whitelabel apps are aimed at those who want a branded solution with ECHOES functionality, but simply including the features of the Echoes app. The user interface is similar to the ECHOES app but styled to your branding.
  • Custom apps can have a number of customised features, such as:
    • Modified user interfaces
    • Full branding including extending our design to include assets for websites
    • Custom screens, like events lists, links to websites, POI maps
    • Embedded media (video, images etc)
    • AR experiences, such as object overlay for images or 3D objects
    • In-app purchase of walks or other content
    • Login or integration with your APIs
    • Extra conditional triggering features, such as weather-dependent triggering, time-based triggering
    • Spatial audio features, such as support for custom IRs
    • Other extra functionality (guest book etc)

How much will a custom app cost?

In order to give a quote, we will need a detailed explanation of the project. Get in touch with us!


What do we need to provide?

We will need the below from you at various stages in the development process. Don’t worry - we will give you guidance about how to provide each of these steps!

  • At least one of:
    • Design ideas (absolute minimum is an app name)
    • A moodboard of ideas for the look and feel of the app
    • Visual assets - logo, colour palette
    • Full branding guidelines
  • All of:
  • Any other assets, and text for the app such as 'help' and 'about'


When do we need our content ready?

You can author content right up until the last minute! However, it's prudent to make sure you leave enough testing time, and enough time for app store reviews.

It's quick and easy to add and remove content from the app, so don't worry about making test walks, these can be removed. If you want access to add/remove walks from your app, contact us and we'll enable that feature in the creator.

These are the key points at which you'll need content:

  • To begin testing when we supply a test version of the app. We'll give you an estimate of when this could be, but having at least some draft content will enable you to begin trialling the app as soon as possible.
  • To submit for app store approval requires at least one walk that looks finished with audio content (doesn't have to be completely finished, although you shouldn't have any mention of 'test' or 'demo' anywhere in the app).

What is the estimated time of delivery of an app?

Three months is a standard timescale for delivery, including design review, set up of the app store accounts, beta testing, content creation etc. Due to testing, it is difficult to bring release dates forward, so please let us know your release date in advance!
For a standard three-month development, the timeline runs as follows:

  • Design agreed
  • Accounts set up
  • Apple/Google Play listings set up
  • Test build uploaded
  • Testing begins
  • Testing complete
  • Prepare app store listings
  • Submit for release (Apple and Google)
  • Release date


What are the common pitfalls?

The most common issue during custom app development is the timing of release on the app stores due to not leaving enough time for testing. Please make sure that you stick to the schedule above and let us know months in advance about your app release date!

Please make sure your content is ready early. See the content section above for details.

Often design review can take longer than expected, especially if multiple designers are involved. We strongly recommend using our in-house designer for the app interface, even if you're providing design assets, as we have 10+ years' experiences designing locative audio apps and understand the UX.

Setting up accounts takes time and it's worth preparing these in advance. Apple and Google require some proof that you are a company or corporation in order to set up an account, and it's good to start the process early.

Apple and Google can take anywhere between 24 hours and 2 weeks to approve an app for release. Sometimes apps also get stuck in review for public testing, so please leave enough time for review and release. Note that we cannot make any guarantees about app release schedules in order to coincide with public events, so please be as flexible as possible.


Where do we make the soundwalks for our app?

You can use the standard ECHOES creator to make the soundwalks for your app. Just let us know the names of your walks and we will move them over to your custom app. Make sure your walks are set to Private.

Please refer to our FAQs for those creating walks. This gives you most of the information you need to set up the content for your app.


Do you have a standard app that can be implemented right away?

All our apps are custom developed for individual projects. Some apps are quicker than others, but there is a minimum time to deliver an app (usually around three months, contact us if you have a looming deadline). Often clients want a customised UI and some extra features.