Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the best encoding format to use when uploading audio?

A. MP4 is the best file type to use to upload audio to ECHOES – this is a carrier file. The best file format to encode into MP4 is AAC, as this produces the best quality sound.

Q. What’s the best AAC encoder?


Q. I can’t seem to make my AAC file work?

A. This might be because you are using the wrong file type – Apple Lossless Audio has the same file suffix (.m4a) as AAC files, but is a completely different file type.

Q. What’s the best type of iBeacon to use with Echoes?

A. In our experience, AnkhMaway have the best iBeacons to use with ECHOES. Currently iBeacons aren’t enabled on the free community platform, but get in touch if you are interested in using them:

Q. The app keeps crashing?

A. Which audio file are you using? MP4 is the only one that works with ECHOES and any others will cause it to crash.

A. Are you using the latest version of ECHOES, and the latest operating system on your phone? Older versions of these can cause crashes.

A. Do you have GPS enabled on your device? ECHOES won’t work without GPS enabled. If your device doesn’t have GPS capabilities (like the iPad WiFi) it won’t be able to run ECHOES.

A. Are you downloading or streaming the walks from ECHOES? Sometimes it is better to download the walk first, rather than streaming it.

Q. Can I listen to ECHOES at home?

A. No – ECHOES is meant to be experienced in the locations the audio is placed in. However there are other websites that allow you to place audio in the world and listen at home such as Geotourist.

Q. Can I search for walks?

A. At the moment this is only possible in iOS.

Q. How can I make my walk update? I made some changes in the creator on the website, but only the old walk is registering when I go to check it on my phone.

A. Pull down with your finger to refresh the map.

Q. How do I delete an Echo?

A. If you log into your creator account and click on the menu symbol (three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other that look a little like a hamburger) there is the option to delete Echoes.

Q. Can I charge people to access my walk or audio experience on ECHOES?

A. Yes, you can – after apple / google taxes we take 30% and then you keep the rest. We will need to review the walk before it gets published, but it’s pretty simple after that.

Q. Is there a limit on the size of uploads?

A. Yes, as this is a community and free to use platform, we don’t have unlimited uploads available. If this this is something you would like, you can get in touch about creating a custom app –

Q. Can I upload videos?

A. ECHOES focuses on audio only – if you are interested in developing a bespoke experience, contact us on

Q. I can’t seem to download the app?

A. Have you go the right app? We are not and is available in the Google Play store as well as the Apple store.

Q. Can I leave feedback on walks?

A. Not currently, as we don’t have the ability to moderate comments. This might be something that could happen in the future, perhaps with feedback going to individual creators to moderate themselves.

Q. Can I synchronise echoes to make an interactive mix of sounds?

A. This is possible – get in touch to find out more:

Q. Can I complain about a walk that someone has published?

A. Yes – we take misuse of ECHOES very seriously and if anyone has used ECHOES in a way that is abusive this is a direct violation of our user agreement and their walk will be taken down. Please let us know of any misuse at