Sansâga—Soundwalks for windswept places 

by Echoes Labs

location: var. remote Nordic locations

project type: bespoke mobile app

‘Echoes has strived to meet our technical and aesthetic wishes every step of the way & have delivered a great design for an app that we have high hopes for. Josh & his team are a pleasure to work with!’


Jón Hallur Stefánsson │ Sansâga Walks Collective


Narrative audio walking experiences in remote, windswept locations.

Sansâga Walks is a growing collection of immersive audio walking experiences for windswept, Nordic landscapes. As an award-winning team of storytellers, the Sansâga creators are drawn to long-forgotten tales and traces of the invisible hidden away in the land by time. Their work unearths these stories and weaves them together into transporting experiences for the ears and the imagination, combining documentary making and anthropological research with crafted, creative audio storytelling.

They think these stories are best experienced while walking in the places that they are part of, letting the landscape become a storyteller too, currently working on a GPS location triggered app designed for remote areas with little or no network connectivity. Sansâga is currently working on audio walking experiences in Iceland, The Faroe Islands and on the island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

➔ Sansaga fb (in english)


Our role

Sansâga team approached us with specific ideas about functionality and visual style of a mobile app. The functionality they needed overlapped with our core app Echoes Explorer to a large extent, but a whole range of custom-developed features and UI was needed. We worked on a bespoke app together to ensure their listeners get exactly what they need while moving through rugged landscapes and remote spaces with no or little connectivity.